There is weather and then there is Cape weather

14 Oct 2020

Dave Marsh

Dave Marsh

The fun of testing gear in a weather chamber

The team in Cape Union Mart jackets

About to enter the weather chamber


Let it be said at the outset that Capetonians love their weather and many even like walking when it is drizzling!


But it should also be understood that the Cape climate is different from the rest of South Africa. It is the only part of the country to have wet winters. 


Looking South, combine a warm ocean coming down from the left clashing with a cold ocean coming down from the right. This is what gives South Africa so much diversity. In winter combine it with gales from the roaring forties just to the South and the winter rain and you will see why it was originally called the Cape of Storms.


It is not often all the elements come together, mostly it just drizzles and out in the fynbos or walking along the seafront, that's just fine.


We decided though that we do not want to be deterred from operating each time the weather changes so we need to offer our e-Bikers waterproof gear that will hold up to what the Cape might throw at us.


That is where Cape Union Mart's weather chambers at Century City came in. What fun we had trying out different gear and entering the chamber that combined all the elements with driving wind and rain and even thunder and lightning. All three partners participated as we narrowed down the weather suits to the best for the job.


And afterwards ....dry as a bone!

The team showing how well the jackets work

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