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Departing SA late? Turn travel day into a highlight

The wonder of travelling to South Africa is that you have dinner, fall asleep and when you wake up you are the...

Under 2 minutes

03 Mar 2023

The extraordinary Don't Let the Old Man In e-bike tour

    Don’t let the old man in e-bike tour from David Marsh on Vimeo.   Octogen...

8 minutes minutes

28 Sep 2021

There is weather and then there is Cape weather

About to enter weather chamber ...

2 minutes minutes

14 Oct 2020

Air quality in summer is extraordinary

Awair scores air quality as a perfect 100 ...

3 minutes

17 Mar 2020

Fresh air solution to COVID 19

Unexpected sighting ... a very large tortoise ...

1 minutes

16 Mar 2020

Birthday for one of world’s first reserves

  The team made a birthday cake for their colleagues working at Groenkloof Nature ...

2 minutes

02 Mar 2020