Fresh air solution to COVID 19

16 Mar 2020

Dave Marsh

Dave Marsh

A wholesome feeling when your e-Bike batteries are charged from solar power


As the world was racing to shut itself down as a result of the fear of COVID 19, it seemed to make sense after all the safety precautions been publicised, to skip my scheduled training session in the gym this morning.


I am fortunate to have a gym in a Club that also has an 8km cycle route and yet is not far from the centre of the town CBD in Sandton.


So Chris, the trainer, and I set off and it was exhilarating. 


What made it especially enjoyable is that my wife and I decided to move off the largely coal-fired utility grid last month and so the batteries for the e-Bikes were charged from our solar power system.


Johannesburg and Sandton are very hilly. You need to be fit to ride a bicycle here. But an e-Bike makes the city seem as flat as Amsterdam! Knowing it is powered by the sun made it all the sweeter. I see a big future for e-Bikes here

man with electric-bike looking at tortoise

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